Global President's Message

"Great men are little men expanded; great lives are ordinary lives intensified"
Wilfred A. Peterson

Dear well-wishers,

Thank you very much for sparing your valuable time to read this note in your busy schedule. I hope that you are already aware about 3E Innovative Foundation, its objectives and mission. I would like to quote that your associastion with us as a valuable member will take this organization to its height and make us a strong and vibrant organization.

Being a non profit organization fostering on societal development and social reengineering, our Foundation is focusing on 3 key areas such as Creativity, Entrepreneurship Skills Incubation and Social Accountability. To achieve these goals, the foundation started initiatives like SEED (Sustainability and Employability through Entrepreneurship Development), Centers of Excellence and constituting awards for those organizations which are working for social cause and justice in India and abroad for the upliftment of society. I hope to carry on this mission with the support and suggestions of all members, thus keeping the growth of the foundation.

We also started initiatives to set up chapters in all states of the country as well as aboard. Our friends and well-wishers in different parts of the world will join with us in this humble venture. These chapters will actively contribute to bring together colleagues with similar research interests, and to intensifying the joint discourse of the Foundation and its chapters. The year 2009-2010 has contributed a lot to flourish, thanks to the varied and selfless contributions of many members. I would like to quote the concrete support of our Management Team which is working in a mutually supportive and constructive manner during the past years, with each member not only actively pursuing their own responsibilities according to their roles, but creatively contributing to all matters we have had to address.

Dear well-wisher, in order to further develop the Foundation, other activities besides the ones already named is necessary. It seems reasonable to develop strategies for the networking of members, also with external colleagues. The cautious setup of research networks can be an adequate step. To reach more in every section of the society, we also decided to publish an international journal which focuses on contemporary social issues and in house magazine which deliberate our various activities. Few proposals also came from some of our well wishers and chapter leaders to conduct seminar or symposia in national / international level on relevant social topics. The objective of a program like this is to provide a unique and common platform to all our valuable members to meet each other and widen our social and professional association.

I also want to recognize the outstanding work of the honorable members of the Governing Body and the Advisory Board and offer my appreciation for their counsel and generosity of time. These fellow members brought and shared a wide range of practical experiences to the management and growth of our association and demonstrated their resolve to achieve positive change.

In conclusion, I would like to thank every member of the Foundation for their valuable contributions. I have been extremely lucky to work with such a team with so much experience and such a collaborative spirit, thank you to all. Please contact all members of the Management Team with questions and suggestions. I expect your whole hearty involvement in the Foundation initiatives, consultations, chapters and committees, as members input is invaluable for the varied functions of the Foundation.

Ratul C. Kalita
Global President

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