3E School of Creativity & Talent

3E Innovative Foundation initiates the 3E School of Creativity & Talent at the partnering +2 level Schools recognized by statutory bodies/Governments premises for unleashing the creativity through various activities and developing high order thinking to be innovative by its students. The 3E Centre will provide a unique environment to students to experiment the ideas generated by them into a practical solution. It's a unique facility for the budding mind, where they are free to explore and experiment their innovative ideas and understand the working principles with the panel of experts through various mentoring programs.

The Foundation liaisons with the professional bodies, research organizations, academia fraternity and industry domain experts for the collaboration with the 3E School of Creativity & Talent at the partnering school premises for providing the resources and support to its students as well as exposing them to the concepts through various workshops & seminars and funding of the learning & experimental projects. This will help the students to start the process of high order thinking thereby developing them to be creative and innovative there by making them more self reliant.

The first step is that a school Requests an Evaluation for starting the centre. After receipt of your request, 3E Innovative Foundation will contact you to provide the necessary information and guidance along with the MOU for starting the 3E School of Creativity & Talent to maximize the benefits from your participation in this initiative.

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