Mission & Vision
What we want to achieve are?
  • A creative mindset to unleash the untapped potential and make it a productive society that brings harmony to its people.
  • Incubating the entrepreneurship skills in the people to convert the marketable ideas into an entrepreneurial venture as a major thrust for employability and employment generation at the micro level.
  • Capacity building of the woman and empowering them with employability and employment generation thereby developing them self reliant and self sufficient.
  • Facilitating for incubating the individual creative skills to a home base or micro level entrepreneurial venture for employment generation in the rural and tribal areas thereby developing them self reliant through social & economic upliftmen.
What we believe are?
  • Creativity can be developed in the people. The 3E Learning Curve experience helps people to develop their individual skills and talents.
  • Creativity connects people from various backgrounds to the educational institution, the community, and the workplace. The 3E Learning Curve experience involves various visual thinking techniques and experiential learning that is relevant for the development of creativity to the real world.
  • 3E Learning Curve process empowers people to build a vision for the future. The 3E Innovative Foundation experience helps people explore new opportunities and explore career and educational aspirations through the creativity.
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