Members Benefits

Electronic Subscriptions to Publications

DIG Membership

DIG Membership is given as per the level of membership and additional DIG membership is given at a very special rates exclusively for members organized by topic for those who enjoy virtual programs and networking with a single focus.


Branding and use of Foundation logo - All the members may use the 3E Innovative Foundation logo on their websites, advertising, and other printed materials. These logos, along with the plaques are available upon request following the term of its use.

Voting Rights

Members are entitled to hold office and vote at any meeting of the Foundation chapter. The number of voting rights of members shall be calculated according to the category of membership. Associate Members does not have any voting rights. Members can contest the election for various committees and Chapter governing body after fulfilling the eligibility criteria specified.

Membership Type Category Votes
Individual Silver 01
Gold 05
Platinum 10
Organizational Global 15
National 10
Educational Institution Nil 05

Networking with peers

Members benefit from relationships with all Members, Partners, Global Chapter, and National, Regional & Local Chapters. The members gain friends in all regions and sectors of the society. The Foundation provides the platform to match with research fellows, customers, business partners, and industry leaders as we work together to strengthen the Foundation.

Exclusive Access to Research Network Database

Access online hundreds of research listings at the Research Network database. This opportunity is a special benefit exclusive to members. Online listings are searchable by domain area and topic.

Unlimited Use of the Domain Boot Camp

This feature of the Members Only area of the Domain Interest Group website is a valuable resource loaded with informative articles on specific domain related with the members research for successful information seeking strategies in that domain area.

Big Savings on Continuing Education

Members using the special rate to attend various activities by the foundation or its partners often save as much as 75% over nonmembers. Foundation gives members preferred pricing on:

Exclusive Discounts on Products

Partnering Corporate offer special discounts on products exclusively only to members depending on the geographic area. Discounts are typically varied from partner to partner.

Free Sponsored Seminars

Foundation periodically presents offerings from corporate members who sponsor free seminars on a specific domain topic. These are focus on emerging domain areas presented by experts and research fellows who are closely involved in their development. These seminars present sharing tips, technologies and techniques by the industry leaders and experts for developing more robust practices by the members for better.

Recognition for Work

The Foundation recognizes the contributions and participants in various programs and initiatives that are unique by itself, the work in online communication and various publications that will be evaluated by professional domain experts.

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