Centre of Excellence

3E Innovative Foundation is committed to developing and using the talents of all qualified persons for promoting a creative environment in society through the Centre of Excellences. We respect the human qualities, both similarities and differences, present in the work and study environments of our constituencies as they are affected by our efforts to assure quality and stimulate innovation. The actions of all the stack holders of Centre of Excellence must demonstrate and confirm respect for each other and the contributions that each of us can make. Our professional benefit from the creativity and constructive improvements best informed and achieved by persons with varied perspectives, experiences, and talents who work toward shared goals.

Who can become a 3E Centre of Excellence?

3E Centre of Excellence can be started by the organizations such as:

  • Registered Disciplinary professional societies and consortia
  • Recognized Institution of Higher studies by statutory bodies/Governments
  • Recognized Schools by statutory bodies/Governments
  • Registered Non Profit Organization/ Non Government Organization
Reasons to start 3E Centre of Excellence

Collaborating with 3E Innovative Foundation for developing 3E Centre of Excellence allows you to:

  • Connect with the participating professionals & organizations globally that elevate the quality, status and recognition of your organization.
  • Facilitating the stakeholders a professional development opportunity for those responsible for leading their peers in the society.
  • Accessibility to various opportunities, learning tools and resources to the stakeholders.
  • Association for jointly developing and delivering teaching and learning technology tools and methods, products, and services that serves your organization.
  • Conducting various national and regional conferences, seminars, workshops, training on the development, use, and evaluation of various technologies and strategies that serve the learning needs of stakeholders of your organization.
  • Facilitate for pursue and acquire grants to achieve various shared goals.
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