3E Centre for Women Empowerment

3E Innovative Foundation initiates the 3E Centre for Women Empowerment at the partnering disciplinary professional societies and consortia/ Non Profit Organization/ Non Government Organization registered with statutory bodies/Governments premises for Capacity Building of Women in social & economic upliftmen. The 3E Centre will provide a unique platform to develop woman leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs with the skills and character to drive personal, organizational and societal success. The Centre accomplishes this mission by focusing on education, mentorship, and coaching women with confidence who are seeking to acquire entrepreneurial skills to help start and grow a business. Participants are provided with free consultancy, funding, and marketing of their marketable ideas and dreams with the panel of experts through various mentoring programs and get a platform for exploring and experiment their creative ideas into an entrepreneurial venture.

The Foundation liaisons with the professional bodies, research organizations, academia fraternity and industry domain experts for the collaboration with the 3E Centre for Women Empowerment at the partnering organization for providing the resources and support to its participants as well as educating & exposing them to the concepts through various workshops & seminars and funding of the projects. This comes as a major thrust for capacity building of the woman and empowering them with employability and employment generation thereby developing them self reliant and self sufficient.

The first step is that an organization Requests an Evaluation for starting the centre. After receipt of your request, 3E Innovative Foundation will contact you to provide the necessary information and guidance along with the MOU for starting the 3E Centre for Women Empowerment to maximize the benefits from your participation in this initiative.

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